Banana Flour

Green Banana flour is a rare source of the resistant starch RS2 costing less than 40p per day when used as a supplement (based on a 15g portion). Green banana flour can be used to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels. GreenĀ Banana Flour is also Gluten-Free, being made from 100% all natural green banana pulp. With natural vitamins and minerals and virtually flavourless Green Banana flour can be used as an almost direct substitute for any wheat flour both in taste and texture. For good digestive health Green Banana Flour provides the natural resistant starch to act as a prebiotic, reduce pH and increase levels of butyrate. As a resistant starch supplement we would recommend adding green banana flour to your soups, smoothies, salad dressings and all other foods that do not require heating the banana flour above 110 degrees centigrade. This allows for the full benefits of the resistant starch in green banana flour to be available. We offer the number one banana flour brands from Natural Evolution and Nutryttiva available in the UK