Why add Resistant Starch to your everyday diet?

Our ancestors diet was considerably richer in resistant starch. In general our present day intake of resistant starch has rapidly declined with our ongoing reliance on a processed food diet. Currently most developed countries consume as little as 3-7g per day of resistant starch, which may account for an increase in a number of health issues. There are a number of scientific papers considering the benefits of an increase in resistant starch consumption with regards to diabetes (by improving insulin sensitivity and lowering blood sugar levels after meals) and inflammatory bowel diseases. For example an extensive study by the Australian division of human nutrition advises the consumption of 20gs per day of resistant starch for bowel related benefits. Adding an additional 15gs per day of RS2 resistant starch to your diet costs less than 40p per day.There are a considerable number of health benefits related to resistant starch and we would recommend you consult your doctor or dietitian concerning your own personal requirements since effectiveness of resistant starch is dependent upon the individual and the dosage.